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Spilanthes Acmella

Spilanthes Acmella

SKU: Spilanthes

20 Spilanthes Acmella seeds (Red centers/bullseye)


Other Names: JambuToothache plant

Electric daisy

ParacressBuzz buttons

Schezuan buttons


Spilanthes Acmella aka the Toothaches plant is entirely edible from the flower heads down to the roots! Spilanthes has a numbing, and tingly sensation due to the spilanthol within the plant which in past history was used to numb gums in order to do dentistry work which means this is a great plant for treating toothaches!

This plant is antimicrobial and antimalarial.

You may experience increased salvation so this is great for people who are experiencing trouble swallowing or creating saliva. containing flavors such as lemon, mint, and earthy tones. Leaves are mild tasting, and when chewed give your tongue a sensation similar to Pop Rocks, or licking a battery with added zing... maybe That's a bad description.. they're fun! All of my friends have enjoyed trying the leaves, and flowers from these plants and I'm certain you will too!


The sensation lasts anywhere from 1-5 minutes enhancing the tastes of foods you already enjoy! Even changes the way water tastes and feels, opening up and stimulating tastebuds you didn't know you had! This plant is anti fungal and anti malaria It is a relative to the sun flower family 🌻 also an aphid attracter, keeping other plants safe. Can be dried and stored.


Buy now, grow it yourself!

  • Germination

    Do not burry seeds

    Seeds must be exposed to light/sun in order to germinate

    Mist daily.

  • Returns

    Returns are not able to be made at this time

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